Captain America - Charging Star

February 12, 2020

"Stars and Stripes!" - Cpt. America

This Captain America file was based on the comic book aesthetic and the dynamic charge pose is stunning. I was initially worried about the weight of the model in comparison to the base as I used different infill percentages, but it came out perfect. I completed the print, sanded, epoxied, and primed it with a black base coat and white from above only to achieve the 'undercoat' effect. My uncle is currently painting it for his growing Marvel Hero Collection.    

The digital Captain America STL file was from the FB Group: $$Special STLS$$

Maker Notes: 

  • Filament: Blue Metallic & Black PLA (Solutech)
  • Layer Height: 0.16mm with 2 walls using a 0.60mm Nozzle
  • Infill: 30% for figure & 20% for base (gyroid pattern). 
  • Estimated Total Print time: 150 hours
  • Estimated Total Post Print Work: 10 hours