Miniatures (2) - Orcs & Goliath

July 15, 2019

Orcs & Goliath - Don't call me tiny!

These .STL files (paid) are from Duncan 'Shadow' Louca's patreon and storefront. He does incredibly dynamic poses for tabletop gaming. My buddy needed a model that could pass for a Goliath (5e) playable character. I ended up printing Duncan's 'Frost Giant' miniatures pose 1 & 2 at 50% scale and they worked out perfectly.  

I printed these on my stock CRs-10 at 0.10mm layer height on a 0.40mm nozzle with custom slicer settings of my own. These have two primers,  base black coat and white from above only for an undercoat effect. The bottom of the 'Goliath Poses' the base was hollow, so I added in a penny and epoxy to give them a little weight.