The Mighty Thor

July 11, 2019

Whosoever Holds this 3D Print, be he worthy, shall possess the powers of Thor fandom!

This 3D print was for my uncle, obviously a Thor fan. The .STL file is from Jody Reimers. I printed the file at 50% scale, and had some challenges with getting the text on the hammer, Mjolnir legible. The head/cape is not glued on yet, as my uncle will have an easier time finishing up the paint job before securing them together. 

3D Printer: CR-10s
Material = PLA, about 1.8kg (about 2 rolls of filament) 
Layer Height = 0.12mm for Figure; 0.20mm for Base
Infill = 20% for Figure; 10% for Base (Gyroid Pattern)
Total Print time = 160 hours
Post Print Processing: 4 hours