Twin Dice Towers

December 19, 2019

Custom Dice Towers for Christmas? Yes please.

My wife asked if I could print some dice towers for her colleague, Kerry. Who was looking for the perfect Christmas gift for her brother and son that play D&D. While I was only commissioned for the dice towers I asked for the player's D&D character race and class to incorporate somehow. I had a lot of fun with this project as I was given creative liberty. I immortalized the respective D&D characters within the base of the towers. As well as experimented with making mini dioramas. It was only fitting they had some sweet loot or treasure in there with them after all.   

Maker Notes: 

  • Black PLA Filament for the tower, 0.20mm Layer Height. 20% infill (gyroid). 
  • Silver Rub'n Buff polished on, then sealed with polyurethane.
  • Miniature Statues/Treasure Chests were printed in Resin and painted with black & white. 
  • Gold Statues were printed in filament and painted with black & gold for undercoat effect.
  • Grass, Tree, Gravel foliage were hobby craft materials glued into place.
  • Estimated Total Print time: 50 hours
  • Estimated Total Post Print Work: 10 hours